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「Together on Ice」特別番組OA決定!

6月13日(金)・14日(土)に行われた「Together on Ice〜明日へつなぐ 氷上の共演〜」が仙台放送にて特別番組としてOAが決定しました。
羽生結弦選手+MONKEY MAJIK+疾風による「Change」のステージの模様もどうぞお楽しみに!


can’t wait until 23 !!
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Day 6. Favourite Olympic champion


15-day figure skating challenge (singles discipline)

Day 6. Favourite Olympic champion

I hate to do doubles but Yuzuru Hanyu~~

Candy + Diamond = Girl’s BFF!!

"At the start, it was nothing but confusion. I couldn’t understand what he said to me in practice, or his ideas, and because we didn’t share a language, I couldn’t even express differing opinions. I thought of returning to Japan any number of times. But I studied English hard on my own and we gradually became able to communicate, establishing a relationship of trust."

Yuzuru Hanyu when he was asked about his 1st experience on changing coach to Brian Orser in Canada.
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The cute factor - idk how he does it, but that left leg is not allowed.


This is going to be a series probably lol [x]

1. Look at the GIF.

2. Listen to the new single.

3. Realize that the ROARRR is from the cutie we all know.

4. Watch the “music video" for proof. (Note: Video used for audio is not identical to music video)

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Trackname — ROARRR
Artist — Yuzuru Hanyu
Album — VOICE

O___o)!! lol

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