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Go Yuzu !

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LS collection - the fiercest, Hanyu Yuzuru
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Yuzuru Can Improve Even More -Tracy Wilson


Original: Tamura Akiko Number No. 848 
Chinese Translations: @Shigana_新旅程

In all honesty, not a single skater managed to skate cleanly in the free skate. I think that it was because the short program and the free skate were only two days away that it resulted to this. After the short program…


The foot work is sooo crisp. I mean…. the musical interpretation after the music starts, in just the first few seconds has already got me excited.

One month to wait -_- he skates first at the Finlandia Trophy.

Couldn’t agree more !!

Can’t wait to see the POTO already. And Yuzu + Misha = derp explode!!  ;P

Yuzuru Hanyu: My Policy is to Complete What I Set Out to Do


Original: 中日新聞
Chinese Translations: @Shigana_新旅程
Photo Source: 中日新聞/@quad_mochi
Photo Edit: @fujisakiakira2

The off season is slowly coming to an end, and the next season is already fast approaching. For the newly crowned Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu, who has also claimed…

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Cloud …
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★ Yuzuru is waving, yes, at you. [x]
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a scan of hanyu’s profile from the fantasy on ice 2014 in niigata program book, just in case no one has shared this yet! click-through for the full size (2044 x 2920). what an amazing ice show… johnny’s program for christina perri’s “human” choreographed especially for niigata audiences was breath-taking, and watching hanyu execute a nearly perfect 4Lo at the end of the show was just. wow. 
feel free to message me if you would like scans of any of the other skaters!
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This took 7+ hours in total, but I am proud of it.